Welcome to our Baggins Rewards Program!

We know that finding the perfect pair of shoes is hard work, so we want to reward you, our loyal Baggins fam, with points that can earn you big! We want to show you how much we appreciate every purchase and every share, so here is a breakdown on the different ways you can start collecting points and saving money on your favorite Baggins products!:
  • Receive 2 points for every $5.00CAD you spend online at www.bagginsshoes.com
  • Receive 40 points when you sign up for our newsletter (first time only)
  • Receive 2 points each time you review or share a product on social media (10 points max within 90 days, maximum 4 points per day, reviews are subject to admin apporval to receive the points)
  • Redeem a minimum of 50 points and receive up to 10% off your total order, after taxes and before discounts.

        **Redeeming points will affect free shipping amounts**

To begin collecting points, create an account here!
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For more information, view our Reward Policy page!

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